what is minimalism?

Everyone seems to have their own slightly different definition that works best for their own personal life. For me, it means being a conscious consumer. Having a smaller wardrobe, where all the items coexist and can easily mix and match into multiple different outfits.

Different kind of minimalists?!

I know, I never really thought of this either. But it really depends on one's life, I think. Some people believe a minimalist wardrobe includes only neutral colors. Others feel it is just having a smaller wardrobe. I say just do you :)

How do i even get started?

I'd say the most important thing to getting started is picking a color palette, and sticking to it! It makes having a smaller wardrobe so much easier when everything can mix and match! :)


What do you do?

I currently work as a Christmas Decorator! Yes, year round. It is an amazing job, that has challenged me creatively. 

What kind of dogs do you have?

I have a little poodle, named Daisy. Although, she could also be poodle-maltesse. And then I have a 20lb brindle, named Yogi. We really aren't sure what he is. We think boxer, mixed with chihuahua and maybe some terrier. I'd love to get a DNA test on both of them. They were both rescues.

you lived in thailand?!

I did. I worked as a Marketing Director for an Office Furniture company for 7 months before I quit. The stress really took an awful toll on my health. I took the next couple months after quitting to explore Thailand with my boyfriend and Yogi (yes he tagged along to Thailand!) My sister even came to visit for a couple weeks :)