I’m Not A Minimalist


Well, hello! It’s been a while.

Lately I’ve been really struggling with the idea of Minimalism. I started this journey about a year ago, and while my closet is definitely no where the size it used to be before, it still would not be considered “Minimal”. I’ve felt very creatively stuck. My full time job has been hard lately, every day I walk in I want to quit. My job is usually creative and fun, but its been 2 straight months of warehousing our decor. Hello, forklifting 5 days a week. I’m losing my mind. Thank God for coworkers who make me laugh until I cry everyday.

But with forklifting the days away, I have been giving a lot of thought about my wardrobe, and what this space means to me.

I recently went through my closet and started 3 piles. Donate, sell and keep. I ended up with 2 boxes to donate, the rest of the wardrobe was split. Half to sell, half to keep. I instantly sold a few pieces on Poshmark. I turned around and used my credits for some new, fun pieces. Then guilt kicked in. How can I talk about minimalism when I sell pieces, only to use the credits for more pieces? My closet isn’t shrinking.

I started expressing my thoughts to Andrea over at @acjarrett on Instagram, and thats when we came to the conclusion:

I’m not minimal and thats ok.

current favorites.jpeg

Let me explain. I’ll never have a “small” wardrobe. I’ll never be 100% satisfied. It will always be rotating and changing. I will always have my core basics that I adore (hello, Rag&Bone white v-neck with a small hole and I still wear it, and I’m staring at you my TopShop leather jacket). But, I don’t think I could have a wardrobe full of just my core pieces. There is only so many times I can mix and match those before I get bored.

I religiously follow Rachel Zoe and her trend reports. I have a subscription to Business of Fashion. I keep up with Fashion Weeks around the world. It is something that makes me truly happy. The art behind fashion is what fuels my creativity.

I’ll always support ethical brands, and shopping sustainably. I think that the industry needs to head in that direction and I think thats where I want this space to go. Having a rotating wardrobe, and while still being sustainable. Am I doing this perfectly? Definitely not. Far from it. But I’m willing to learn and find ways to still have fun with my wardrobe while enjoying the world that is fashion.


Thoughts? I’m excited to pursue this and figure this out. One day at a time.