A New Wardrobe Challenge

Hello! It’s been a while. Again.

I’m trying to get myself back on track in this little space of mine. Feeling uninspired, and overthinking everything I am having a hard time committing to this space and to Instagram. I’ve been wearing outfits I love, but lacked the desire to share them. After reading Renee’s post on her blog, Goblin Shark, a wardrobe challenge of 100 days of outfits, I thought, damn what a nice way to get back into things without the pressure of having to come up with content. So I’ve decided to give myself my own wardrobe challenge. Hope you don’t mind, Renee! Love you :)

I thought about a no spend month, a 30 pieces for 30 days challenge, and even thought about Project 333. But none seemed to help me feel inspired by my current wardrobe. Instead it felt limiting and suffocating. I needed something to get my creative wheels turning. So after racking up different ideas in my head, my challenge came to me while I was driving to work one morning.

I feel caught in the middle. On one hand I want to share my everyday outfits. Outfits I actually wear out to dinner and to run errands in. On the other hand, I want to share outfits I find fun and feel creative in, but they don’t make sense for my everyday life. But thats what I love about style and fashion. Inspired everyday style. So I’ve decided to challenge myself in posting my fantasy outfit, and my everyday outfit I’m actually wearing for my life. I hope this makes sense. Because honestly, I’m just going to let this challenge play out how it should. No set rules.

So for today’s challenge, I started with my secondhand Gucci shirt. It is a shirt I’ve reached for pretty regularly lately and I usually stick to my trusty tee/ jeans/ mules combo. So I thought it would be fun to dress it up a bit.

I’m not convinced he wanted my kisses…

I’m not convinced he wanted my kisses…

Obviously I include the dog pictures

Obviously I include the dog pictures

I love this outfit. You can really never go wrong with leopard and a graphic tee. The heels add a nice pop of color, and the blazer adds some major boss vibes.

Gucci shirt- secondhand via The Real Real ; Leopard Skirt- secondhand via Poshmark ; Heels - secondhand M.Gemi via Poshmark ; Blazer - Sustainable luxury brand Misha Nonoo

But alas, for a day at home with possible grocery shopping I stick to my personal uniform.


And there’s that! I hoping this challenge allows me to flex my creative side with styling while still showing you a glimpse into my everyday style and what I’m actually wearing that day :)

See you tomorrow!