The Sweatpant | Day 3

Okay, can we just be real here? Who DOESN’T love a good sweatpant?

I love these sweatpants. Nice leather trim at top and perfect elastic band at the ankle. Not to baggy and not to tight. Chic, while still being nap worthy. While I have always tried to envision myself going out in a sweatpant, I have never been able to bring myself to actually wear them in public.

I got off work at noon today, and I have to be back in at midnight. Hello, turnaround schedule and no sleep. So I thought today was the perfect day to style them up while also keeping it real for how I am currently wearing them around the house. And if we are being totally honest, I’ll probably end up falling asleep in them before my 10:30pm alarm goes off for work.

I bought these secondhand off Poshmark a couple of months ago after having them in my “liked” section for many months. I watched the price go down, and as soon as they hit a price I was willing to pay, I went for it. And I am so glad I did! They are very netflix and chill worthy.


I just love a good sweatpant with a heel. Just gives off some major dgaf vibe, and lately that is the kind of vibe I’m really feeling.

But here we are, I have work in just a few short hours, it is hottt outside and I just discovered that The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce season 5 is on Netflix. So lets keep this short and sweet, shall we?

Today's look for some tv and then sleep.


I’ll be back tomorrow. Sleep deprived and probably in my pajamas. HA

Have a good one everybody!