My Closet Repeats


See any kind of pattern in this picture?


I have this Ozma skirt in 2 colors, and the tank in 2 colors. The same M.Gemi sneakers in 2 colors, and the same Intentionally Blank heels in 2 colors. I have 2 patterns of the Robe.

See a pattern now? I own multiples of one piece. And I still have a fairly small wardrobe that sees regular daylight.

Sure, my wardrobe is still a heavy work in progress, but I've learned so much these past few months of leaning out my closet and finding my personal style. My biggest takeaway has been this-

If something is working for me, there is nothing wrong with having it in a few colors.

I've noticed that when I truly love something, I wear it on constant repeat. And not the repeat of maybe 1-2x a week. But the repeat of wearing it consecutively, days in a row. And sometimes, the poor garment could use a few day break. Especially if a week has gone by, and I am still wearing the same cami on day 7. So here enters the same garment, in another color. Putting it on I know what I am going to get. I know I will still feel confident and comfortable. At the same time it gives me the opportunity to style and play with another color. What works for one color, might not work for another. And I enjoy playing with colors.

Sometimes I feel we get so caught up in having the small wardrobe, we forget that it is okay to have one piece in a few colors. Especially if we feel like it could work well in our wardrobe in a few different colors. Forget the judgement, and do you. What works for one person, might not work for another.

And I get it, sometimes it doesn't make financial sense to have two of the same garment, just in different colors. Especially when buying sustainable or ethical. But this isn't a post about being able to afford it. It is a post saying that if you find yourself loving an item, and can afford it in two colors, there is nothing wrong with owning it in two colors.


What are your thoughts? Do you own a piece in a couple different colors? Or do you only allow for one piece? I'm curious! Give me your thoughts below!