My Definition of Minimalist

Everyone has their own definition of a minimalism. For some, it means keeping a neutral color palette of clothes. Or it might mean just keeping a small, curated wardrobe. For others, it could mean both a neutral colored small wardrobe. There is no wrong way to be a minimalist in my opinion. I feel as long as you have it working for your life, do what works for you. Being a minimalist is a personal choice, and a choice everyone comes to for different reasons.

For me, being a minimalist means having a small, curated wardrobe. One that all my pieces work together. Or, at least most my pieces. I don't keep a specific number, I just try to limit what comes in. I'm still in the process of downsizing. It has definitely not been an overnight success, but a journey. And a journey I'm still learning to embrace. I love bold statements and patterns mixed with neutrals. That's where I want my wardrobe to go.

I got my desire to go more minimalist when I kept walking into my closet and felt like I had nothing to wear. Having a good, steady job but not much to show for it except a closet full of clothes I hardly wore. I was tired of trying to find cheaper alternatives to pieces I truly loved that were a bit more expensive. Only for months later to have 4-5 cheaper alternatives, and enough money spent that I could have just bought the original piece I loved. Even with a full, overstuff closet, I was still heading back to the same few pieces all the time. 

I got my desire to shop more ethically and sustainable when I watched "The True Cost" on Netflix. After that documentary, I almost immediately quit fast fashion. But to be honest, I hadn't really shopped to much fast fashion in recent years. But I was still buying more than any one person needs. But now I want to support the people making my clothes. I want to wear clothes that were made with love,  and the worker was paid a fair living wage. I want to take care of my clothes

My love for following fashion trends and styling got me to where I am today. My interest in a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry has got me to here, on this blog. I'm hoping I can learn to balance the best of both worlds. The creativity and art behind fashion, mixed with making sure the pieces I show and bring into my own life are fairly made.