A little more about me..

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.
— Rachel Zoe

I love fashion, and the art behind it. I love how it can transform how it makes one feel. I've always been a creative, ever since a kid. I remember being in my room, just working away at any kind of craft project. From spending hours setting up Barbie's dream house, to making those beaded animals. (anyone remember those?!). 

As a kid, I was never really into style or fashion. Middle school my uniform was ill fitting jeans and church sweatshirts. I cringe whenever I look at pictures from middle school. Those truly were my awkward years. 

I first realized my love for clothes and styling them was the summer before my Freshman year in high school. I walked into my first trendy clothing store for back to school shopping. Forever 21 offered it all. Tons of trendy pieces, at cheap prices. My love for fashion and styling was truly discovered here. I quickly became the friend that all my friends wanted styling advice from. I was the high schooler wearing heels to school. 

I always knew I would never go to a regular University. The thought of taking the SAT scared the shit out of me. I was never a good test taker. Even if I knew the material. I also knew I needed to do something creative. Which for the life of me, I could not find a major I was interested in at a University.

I'm not sure how I eventually came across Pasadena's Art Center for High School students, but damn, it changed things for me. I enrolled in a Fashion Design course that would last 8 Saturday mornings. And honestly, a few weeks in, I hated it. And that is when I figured out what exactly I wanted to be doing. I wanted to be styling the already designed and sewn clothes. Give me the clothes, accessories and shoes and I'll make the woman feel beautiful and confident. 

During the course at the Art Center, FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) came to talk to the class. I knew in that exact moment, I found my school. I talked to an admission's advisor a week later, did the entrance project, and another week later I was accepted into their Visual Communications program. It was the end of my Junior year of HS, and I was already accepted into a College. Senior year was amazing and I took all the fun creative classes. Graphic design, yearbook, no first period. 

Unfortunately I didn't take advantage of everything FIDM had to offer my first time around. It was a whirlwind of 18 months, and suddenly it was over. I worked in retail, and was able to do their store visuals. A year went by, and I felt stuck. I had quit my retail job and had done a few small Art Department internships, and enjoyed them. So, I went back to FIDM and got a Professional Designation degree in Interior Design. 

I got an amazing job right out of my second time around with FIDM. A job I worked at for almost a year, left to work in Thailand for a year, and was lucky enough to return back to it when Thailand didn't work out. And I'm still there 4 years later. I work with some crazy talented individuals, and people who have pushed me creatively to be better and think outside the box. This job has challenged me physically, emotionally, mentally, and creatively. And I'm ready to put those blood, sweat and tears back into styling. To take what I've learned from this job and apply it back into this blog.

Whew! That was way longer than I had expected, so thank you for sticking around and reading it! But hopefully now, you can get a small glimpse into the new direction I'd like to take this. All about styling your small wardrobe! Because it definitely doesn't have to be boring.




oh man, please ignore those bug bites on my arm!!

oh man, please ignore those bug bites on my arm!!