Hey, I'm katie

I’m a late twenty-something fashion lover, living in Southern California. I have two adorable children who happen to have 4 paws, and a wonderful, supportive boyfriend. I am a devoted Bachelor and Project Runway franchise fan. I drink lots of wine, and I’m just trying to live a life I love.

I have a degree in Visual Communications and Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in LA. I currently work full time as a Christmas decorator (yes, year round!). I research and talk about ethical and sustainable fashion in my free time, even getting some of my coworkers on board. 

I’m currently on a journey to fewer, better quality items in my wardrobe. It’s a process, but I’m slowly learning to enjoy it. 

Follow me? @thetingleyedit on instagram:)

I also write for The Minimalist Wardrobe, with other amazing, inspiring ladies! Check it out :)